• Community Ambassadors

    Community ambassadors meet every fortnight. They help us by organising fundraising events, advocating for refugees and migrants in the local community and by representing us at events. We are recruiting for a strong team this year. Participants should have an interest in our cause, no prior experience necessary.

  • Pro-Bono Volunteering

    Do you work for a company that provides pro-bono skills sharing? As a small charity, all our funds are dedicated to providing casework. Pro-bono volunteers can help us with our financial and IT strategy, as well as helping us develop our fundraising. Depending on your availability, this is a position that would take up between one and two days a week.

  • Administration Volunteer

    We always need volunteers to help us with our administration and office work. There are also opportunities available if you are interested in helping us run our weekly drop in sessions between 10:00 and 12:00 on Tuesdays. Organisational experience, and languages are also appreciated although not necessary.

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